Our promise: 100% recycled

Behind the scenes

Our NICOCYL® floor panels are made from recycled PVC and delivered to us as granules. We source the granules from Germany and the EU.
When the raw material is delivered to our production hall in Castrop-Rauxel, we process it for further processing. The mixing ratio depends on the shear hardness and is redetermined for each delivery.
We also process sections and sprues that arise during production directly and thus return them to the cycle.

Recycling with conviction

Unser Ziel ist es, nicht nur qualitativ hochwertige Bauprojekte zu realisieren, sondern dabei auch einen positiven Einfluss auf die Umwelt auszuüben. Nachhaltigkeit ist für uns nicht nur eine Verpflichtung, sondern eine Überzeugung, die sich durch all unsere Aktivitäten zieht. Wir laden Sie ein, gemeinsam mit uns die Weichen für eine nachhaltige Zukunft zu stellen.

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Positive change in construction

The construction industry plays a crucial role in shaping our environment and has a significant impact on how sustainable our cities and buildings are. In an era where environmental awareness is a top priority, we recognize the responsibility to promote sustainable practices. From using environmentally friendly building materials to implementing energy-efficient technologies, we rely on innovation to conserve resources.

Our vision is to design construction projects that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also minimize the ecological footprint and create a livable future for future generations. We offer you the solution for a new floor in industry and commerce that focuses on sustainability and changes the world positively.

rPVC – our ecological responsibility

rPVC, or recycled PVC, is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of building materials. These floorings represent not only advanced technology, but also a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

By using recycled PVC materials, rPVC flooring helps reduce waste and conserve resources. With their versatility and durability, they not only offer aesthetic solutions but also a sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious. With rPVC, discover a future-oriented option that perfectly masters the balancing act between modern design and ecological responsibility.

Our base plate is not only recyclable –
it is 100% recycled.

NICOCYL® has been relying on recycled PVC
from cable production and recycling for almost 40 years

Since environmental awareness increased in the 1980s, there have been great advances in recycling and therefore in the demand for sustainable alternatives. The background idea is not to bring new PVC into the cycle, but rather to use existing PVC in order to save resources such as energy and petroleum.

We have been doing our part for many years to make the construction industry more sustainable. Our earth is a planet with finite resources, so there needs to be a rethink in the construction industry and among end users.

Fully recyclable after a long period of use

A NICOCYL® floor made of rPVC means: a green step towards a sustainable future. We return existing plastic to the cycle and process all sections and test castings. The NICOCYL® base plate is very durable and can be completely recycled after use.

The EU Taxonomy Regulation for a future worth living includes six environmental goals. Our 100% recycled NICOCYL® floor helps you get closer to two environmental goals: “Transition to a circular economy” and “Prevention and reduction of environmental pollution”

We are the original.